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João Costa Menezes

After attaining a degree in law from the University of Coimbra, Menezes worked as a lawyer in Portugal for three years, before moving to London, in 1997, to seek a career in the film industry. He returned to Portugal in 2014 with a solid career in the film industry, both in front and behind the cameras, in all sorts of budgets, from indies to Hollywood block busters, Bollywood, publicity and music videos, having been awarded in all the categories. In Barcelona, JCM worked as a producer for Bruta Escena and in NYC did publicity for Madley Creative.

As an actor, Menezes debuted in 1999 in the BBC tv series "Sunburn", playing a fisherman called Luis, acting alongside Sharon Small.

As a director, JCM did his first short film ZERO in London in 2000. The 16mm short film was in more than 50 festivais all over the world and was awarded right on the first one, Huesca Short Film Festival, in Spain. Next, he shot the feature AKASHA. The 35mm, from 2001, was distributed in Russia and it was nominated for the Méliès d'Argent 2001. His first music video was the awarded "Melancholic Ballad", by the Fingertips and his first publicity video was the also awarded "Met Tower - because we love NYC". "Coraçao Vadio", by Sandra Correia, won Best Music Video at the International Portuguese Music Awards 2017.

Menezes is the Legal Director of Alphabet Factor since Nov 2020.




2019 Independent Music Awards, NYC – Best Traditional World Album - nominated (“Sandra Correia – Aqui Existo”)

2019 International Portuguese Music Awards – Best Fado - nominated (“Sandra Correia - Tarde Demais”)

2018 International Portuguese Music Awards – Best Fado - nominated (“Sandra Correia - Aqui Existo”)

2017 International Portuguese Music Awards – Best Music Video (“Sandra Correia - Coração Vadio”)

2016 Arouca Film Festival – Best photography (“Sandra Correia - Coração Vadio”)

2010 Fantasporto Film Festival – Prémio de carreira

2009 Arouca Film Festival – Best Music Video (“Fingertips - Melancholic Ballad”)

2009 Tokyo – Best Urban Comercial (“Met Tower”)

2004 Eureka – selected (“Penta”)

2004 ICAM – won (“Serial Killer”)

2003 Fantasporto Film Festival - Internacional Jury

2001 Méliès D'Argent - nominated ("Akasha”)

2000 Huesca Film Festival – Special Award (“Zero”)



2020 Doc João Villaret – RTP

2020 Doc Guilhermina Suggia – RTP

2020 Doc Francisco Lázaro – RTP

2019 Filme Bruno Vieira do Amaral

2013 Filme Jardim Botânico da Universidade de Coimbra - Um espaço único



2021 Pub iNetPet: Because you love your pet

2021 Live Sandra Correia - Aqui Existo (RTP1)

2020 Music Video Sandra Correia - Mãe Tristeza

2020 Music Video Patrícia Martins - Lábios nos Lábios

2020 Music video Sandra Correia – Tarde Demais

2020 Music video Sandra Correia – A Vida Por Ti

2019 Music video Sandra Correia – História Mal Contada

2019 Music video Cristina Madeira – Acorda-me o Desespero

2019 Music video Cristina Madeira – Já Não Choro

2019 Music video Sandra Correia – Das Horas Abandonadas

2018 Music video Sandra Correia – Aqui Existo

2018 Live Sandra Correia - Filarmonia no Fado (RTP1) 

2017 Music video Carlos Leitão – Sexta-feira

2015 Music video Sandra Correia - Coração Vadio 

2014 Live Pedro Vilar @ Cine-teatro Sá da Bandeira

2013 Live Manos Ramos @ Cine-teatro Sá da Bandeira

2012 Music video Rapariga Eléctrica - Querida Sara

2012 Live Manos Ramos @ Ritz Club

2012 Live Miguel Ramos @ Casino de Espinho

2012 Live Sandra Correia @ Feira de Artesanato do Estoril

2011 Curta Fado

2011 Music video Rapariga Eléctrica - Tens de sair

2011 Music Video Cordeone – És a única

2010 Music video Cordeone – K vida

2010 Curta Loucura - Fantasporto

2009 Live Sandra Correia @ Cine-teatro António Lamoso

2008 Curta Mulheres, Bah!

2007 Music video Francisco Capelle – Como sempre fui

2007 Publicidade Met Tower

2006 Curta Remember My Dream

2006 Curta Agur

2005 Live Fingertips Live Act

2005 Music video Robbie Williams - The 80's

2004 Curta O Serial Killer

2004 Music video Fingertips – Melancholic Ballad

2001 Longa Akasha

2000 Curta Zero



2020 Just a Compliment Mr Grey (VR) Maria João Abrantes

2015 Cinderella Ball dancer Walt Disney/Kenneth Branagh 

2014 Exodus Moses Army Universal/Ridley Scott

2014 Maleficent Palace Guard Walt Disney/Robert Stromberg

2013 I give it a year Client Studio Canal/Dan Mazer

2011 Robin Hood Soldier Universal/Ridley Scott

2010 Prince of Persia Trumpeter Walt Disney-Jerry Bruckheimer/Mike Newell

2010 Loucura Bruno ME!/JCM

2010 Clash of the Titans Soldier The Zanuck Company/Louis Leterrier

2009 Dorian Gray Soldier Oliver Parker

2008 Mulheres, Bah! VO ME/JCM

2008 Orange Wednesday Man (lead) LFA/Catalina Devia

2007 28 Weeks Later Infected Fox/Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

2006 Children of Men Terrorist Universal/Alfonso Cuarón

2006 Fatal Instinct 2 Soho Cool MGM/Michael Caton-Jones

2005 V for Vendetta Soldier Warner Bros/James McTeigue

2005 Quality Indigo Ray, the Hitman Troubled Children Films/Jaspreet Grewal

2005 Incessant Clown Take 9/Yasmin

2005 Armed for Glory Man (lead) Blind Productions/Julia Sandberg Hansson

2004 Serial Killer Jorge Guimarães ME!/JCM

2000 Chocolate Gipsy Miramax/Lasse Hallstrom

2000 Gangster Nº1 Witness FilmFour/Paul McGuigan

2000 Honest Hippy Pathé Entertainment/Dave Stewart

1999 Zero Man (lead) ME!/JCM

1999 Sleepy Hollow Aristocrat Paramount Pictures/Tim Burton

1999 Star Wars: Episódio I Naboo Fighter Pilot LucasFilm/George Lucas

1999 Notting Hill Journalist Working Title/Roger Mitchell

1999 The Mummy Stevedore Universal/Stephan Summers

1998 Saving Private Ryan US Soldier Amblin-DreamWorks/Spielberg

1997 Inquietude Convidado Madragoa Filmes/Manoel de Oliveira



2001 The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby Begger Channel 4/Whittaker

1999 Sunburn Luis BBC/Dan Zeff

1999 Jonathan Creek: Miracle in Crooked Lane Fan BBC/Richard Holthouse

1999 Cleopatra Palace Minister Hallmark/Franc Roddam

1999 Tube Tales Witness Sky Pictures/Gaby Dellal



2005 Perfect Day Double Channel 5 Television/David Richards

2000 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Gangster (Stunts) Pagoda Films/Stewart Sugg

2000 The 10th Kingdom Stunts Hallmark/David Carson

1999 Gormenghast Stunts BBC/Andy wilson



Lisboa 2021 Editing – Renault Mudamos Juntos

Lisboa 2020 Editing - André Santos & Amélia Muge

Lisboa 2020 Assistent Director – Começar de Novo - RTP

Lisboa 2019 Cameraman – Novo Mundo Digital - RTP

Lisboa 2019 Assistent Director – Virar o Jogo - Canal 11

Lisboa 2018 Cultural Booking @ El Corte Inglès

NYC 2005-2008 Production  – Madley Creative

NYC 2007 Voice over - 7 TV Adverts Apple 

NYC 2006 1º AD “Dirty Bomb” - Blind ID Prod/Ted Wallach

NYC 2006 2º AD “On the other side” - Trinity/Shanti Chilumala

NYC 2006 Internship (3 months) - Globalvision

NYC 2005 AP “Charlie” - Weigel McCleiland/Salvatore Interlandi

Barcelona 2002-2004 Co-productions & Distribution - Bruta Escena

Londres 2005 Camara Assistent “Poker Academy” - Richard Pengelley 

Londres 1998 Continuity “Waves without sound” - Piobaire Fr Prod/Brit Fitzpatrick

Londres 1998 Sound Assistent “Maddest Man” - Hangman Prod/Mark Fortune

Porto 1996 Lawyer



The Diary of Luscilia – a musical love story

Penta – the adventures of 5 women in a surreal night

The Other Side of the Rainbow – a very colourful romantic comedy

SAD – a very peculiar CIA Dvision

O Cantinho da Saudade – The Club where a bunch of Portuguese gangster get together.

Maria – the search for a criminal in 13 episodes



2008 Creating a business plan and budgeting (Raindance, London)

2005 Unarmed & rapier & dagger (British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat)

2008 Directing for film and tv, with Patrick Tucker (Raindance, London)

2005 Audio work (City Lit, London)

2004 Singing for actors (City Lit, London)

2003 Creative Writing (Escuela de Escritores/Taller de Escrita de Madrid)

1999 Avid Editing (London Electronic Arts, London)

1999 Shooting on DV (Raindance, London)

1999 Lo-to-No Budget Filmmaking (Raindance, London)

1998 Filmmaking (Panico Studios, London)

1997 Pos-Graduation in Medicine Law (Faculdade de Direito de Coimbra) 

1996 Specialization in Criminal Sciences (Universidade Católica Porto)

1995 Law Professional Internship (Adv. Jorge de Amorim/ Ordem Advogados Porto)

1994 Law Degree (Universidade de Coimbra, Faculdade de Direito)

1991 Theatre practical course (TEUC, Coimbra)



Fluent in English, Spanish and Franch



2006-2009 translator ENG-PORT-ENG among others for ONU and Chevron. NYC, USA

2008 Tennis Instructor @ Andy Keen Children Tennis Academy, London

2006 Director “Cuentos sueltos” – theatre “Los de La Otra Orilla”, Barcelona

1993 Tennis Instructor @ INE, Portugal

1989/91 Tennis Instructor @ AAC (inc. program @ UNICEF for children)

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